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The Friends of Coeur d'Alene Park has partnered with Innovia Foundation to manage your tax deductible donations to Spokane's Historic Coeur d'Alene Park Fund. Here are some ways that you can give.

  • Make an online donation at our Innovia webpage by clicking this button (please be patient while it loads).

  • Send a check to the following address with For Spokane's Historic Coeur d'Alene Park Fund written in the check memo line.

Innovia Foundation

421 W. Riverside Ave, Suite #606

Spokane, WA  99201

  • Donate publicly traded stocks, mutual funds, bonds or other securities. Simply fill out this Securities Transfer Memorandum and send it to your brokerage firm.

  • Many additional means of giving are available, notably the transfer of IRA or 401(k) accounts which are required by law to begin distributions by age 72. Transfers of this nature can reduce your income taxes. For information on more ways to give see, for example, the Innovia Legacy Planning webpage.

If you have further questions about gifting on behalf of Spokane's Historic Coeur d'Alene Park Fund, please contact Innovia directly at 509-624-2606.

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